Andy Barnhart, Attorney

Andy Barnhart, AttorneyAndy Barnhart has been licensed to practice law in Minnesota since 2011, and he has handled criminal and civil jury trials as well as court trials in the areas of child protection, family law, civil commitment and a variety of other civil actions. Andy has litigated contract disputes, personal injury claims and various other types of claims. For the past four years Andy has only practiced law part time, choosing to focus on his full-time work as a paramedic, and during this period he has seen firsthand the devastation caused by the Covid-19 protocols.

Andy would prefer to “. . . live quietly, and to mind [his] own affairs” – I Thessalonians 4:11; but the way the Covid-19 pandemic was used to push lies, fear and control compels him to focus his legal efforts in bringing to justice those people and institutions responsible for the death and disability they have caused. Andy feels underqualified and ill-equipped for this monumental task of bringing large and powerful institutions to justice, but he is convinced that “God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called.” – Mark Batterson, The Circle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears

Andy would like to have a larger legal team than just himself, but for the time being, if COVID Justice MN can raise enough charitable contributions to fund his legal expenses and fees and the costs of litigation such as expert witnesses, etc., Andy has what it takes to start holding the wrongdoers in Minnesota accountable: a willingness and a license to sue in Minnesota. Unless and until someone more qualified and equipped steps forward, ideally an attorney general armed with the full power and resources of the state, or, next best, a large law firm with influence and deep enough pockets to afford the high costs of this endeavor, Andy will stand in the gap for the those who have been injured and killed in Minnesota by Covid-19 protocols.

Nicole Riggs,
Intake Coordinator

Nicole Riggs, Intake Coordinator

After losing my dad, Ralph, to the deadly hospital protocols on September 7th, 2021, I have put my grief into action.  Connecting with other families that have gone through something similar is now my mission in life.  I joined this group of amazing fighters when it was just our family and three others openly fighting in Minnesota.  We now have more than 100 families represented. Besides my work as Intake Coordinator for CJMN, I am also the MN State Chair for a national organization, the Covid-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project or CHBMP.  CHBMP has documented over 1300+ cases nationally.  If you have survived the hospital protocols or lost a family member in that way, you may find hope and healing like I have by seeking justice for them through COVID Justice MN. Mine and my dad’s story is linked below.

Nicole's Dad link to story

Jenna Hadley Johnsen,
Registered Nurse

Jenna Hadley JohnsenMy name is Jenna Hadley Johnsen and I am a Minnesota RN with over 20 years’ experience in nursing and public health. After much hard word and recent training, I am a licensed Legal Nurse Consultant. In this capacity I devote all my skills and knowledge to serve many of the families who come to CJMN for help. Performing the work of reviewing and analyzing patients’ hospital records to discover if there has been any evidence of negligence or deviations from established standards of care.

I initially met Andy over two years ago through a mutual connection with a patient advocacy group. At that time, Andy jumped right in and did everything in his power to try to help me rescue my parents, but sadly, we did not prevail and my father passed away in the hospital while under their “care.”

Andy and I spoke back then of maybe someday our paths crossing again and being able to do something to help others who are forced to live this same nightmare. Now here we are, working together to assist humanity, one family at a time. I like to think of us as warriors of God, Love, and Light!

Lee Collins interviews Jenna
Liz Collin, Alpha News, Interviews Jenna Hadley Johnsen

Phillip Bongaarts,
Zoho Meeting Host

Phillip Bongaarts, Zoho HostMy sister (Becky) and I were disgusted by what my father went through and were trying to decide what we could do to take legal action.

Becky went to a meeting concerning hospital deaths and met Andy. We then set up a zoom meeting to meet and discuss the possibilities further.

It was my zoom account we used. We started meeting more people and the group began to grow.

We have now switched to Zoho and the group keeps on growing. It’s unfortunate we have a group this large under these conditions.  I primarily keep the Zoho meeting working, update the list with more people, and I am the Zoho host.

Becky Saad,

Becky SaadMy name is Becky Saad.  My dad died in November of 2021, not due to Covid, but to the hospital protocol he received from the hospital.  On All Saints Day, I watched a nationwide podcast about hospital protocols.  I asked if there were any lawyers from MN and gave my email.  Andy Barnhart emailed me back and I have been helping ever since.

I enjoy helping with moderating our Tuesday Zoho meetings and wherever I can.

Glenice Swenson,
Web Master

Glenice Swenson, Web MasterMy husband, Paul, was killed by the Hospital Protocol. I was looking for support in my grief and found this group of wonderful people working for justice for those of us experiencing such a traumatic loss. I examined my skill set and decided to volunteer my help in the process. As a retired Web Developer, I felt called to do what I can on the website and to get the word out to others that there is support and people seeking justice.

Interview at Former Feds Group

Glenice and Paul’s Story